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Are you a creative agency owner or freelancer who wants better, higher-paying clients who respect your time and expertise?

We help agency owners and freelancers use the power of content marketing to…


The problem is (and we’ve been there, honestly) you have no control over the leads and sales that come into your business.

You rely on referrals. You attend networking events.  And you spend a lot of time on social media. 

In essence, it feels like you’re constantly and relentlessly chasing after prospects.

And when you do land a new client, things aren’t exactly plain sailing. 

You may  struggle with clients who don’t respect your time or expertise. 

Or you spend a lot of time communicating with clients – going back and forth over email. 

You might have to wait a while to get paid. 

Or you may have to wait an eternity for things that you need to get the project done (we’re looking at you, website copy.)

Sometimes, it might feel like every client-project is a battle. 

You know that you should build an audience and a brand, but that’s difficult when all your time is filled by communicating with clients and doing the client-work.

And in the small amount of time you do have for marketing, you think, well where on earth do I start? What’s going to make the biggest difference to my business right now? And how can I do it with such little time?


It’s safe to say we’ve been exactly where you are right now.

Unfortunately, there is no magic solution. But there is a clear path to follow.

We’ve found that by using content marketing, you can create a business where prospects approach you (rather than you going to them).

They’ll already know your prices and processes, and they’ll be so eager to work with you.

No chasing. No emails. No sending out proposals only to get ghosted. And no spending endless hours on the phone.

Better yet, your relationships with your clients greatly improve. 

Projects get done faster and more efficiently. 

Clients are happier. 

And above all, your work/life balance and mental health improves.

Sounds like a lot from just content marketing, right?

But it can be done.

We’ve done it ourselves, and now we’re helping  you do the same. 


We help agencies and freelancers get more leads and sales from their content marketing – attracting better, higher paying clients who are eager to work with you. Here’s how we can help you do this…

Content Fortress Book

When we wrote Content Fortress, we wanted to make it super clear HOW to get better, higher-paying clients by using content.

And from just £5.99-£12.99, this is the most affordable way to learn exactly how to attract the right people to your business (and repel the wrong ones!)

The biggest headache when it comes to producing content is thinking of content ideas. In the book, we don’t just give you ideas on what content you should create – we give you the actual topics you should cover. You will never get stuck for a content idea again!

We’ve read a lot of business/marketing books. There are so many that we love. But often we’re left wondering ‘Okay, how do I apply this idea or concept to our business?’ And we feel a little stuck. That’s why we made the book super practical as well as informative.

Content Fortress Course

You’re tired of constantly chasing prospects – sending proposals, arranging calls, emailing back-and-forth – only to hear nothing back or get a ‘no’ in favour of a cheaper company.

The Content Fortress course is a highly-practical course which will teach you how to get the right people approaching you to be your client. No more ghosting! Lots more sales.

You feel stuck in a ‘price rut’. You feel like you can’t charge more for your services because the market won’t pay it.

In the course, we’ll teach you how to create the kind of content that attracts higher-paying clients, who have a full understanding of how much you charge and still want to work with you.

Communicating with prospects and clients takes a lot of time. Particularly for agencies as there are so many moving parts to your services (such as web design) and so many expectations on the client too.

We’ll teach you how to communicate less with your clients (while still keeping them happy), and increase the speed of your projects.

Who the hell are martin anD Lyndsay?

We started our web design agency in 2012. We worked full time, cramming client-work into evenings and weekends. 

We learnt a lot in that time. And we learnt how to use content marketing to increase our search rankings, web traffic, leads and sales. 

And eventually, we both managed to quit our jobs, and run an agency together that supported the two of us. 

But that isn’t the happy ending!

Even though we appeared successful (on the outside), we struggled.

Even though we appeared successful (on the outside), we struggled.

We were stressed. We had to constantly communicate with clients – chasing after them for things we needed or explaining our processes. We dealt with scope creep or unreasonable demands. We would have to chase for payments constantly. And we were always working. Just like in the beginning, our weekends and evenings were crammed with client-work.

It wasn’t until Martin’s health really began to suffer did we decide to do something about it.

We thought, ‘If we can use content marketing to increase sales, can we use it to create a better business? Can we use content marketing to have better, healthier relationships with clients? Charge more? Get paid on time? And have better work/life balance?’

So that’s what we set out to do.

We’ve never wanted to be millionaires (there’s nothing wrong with that, just not what we wanted). 

We wanted to build a business that we enjoyed and that allowed us to spend time together as a family. And that’s what we did.

That’s what we’re now helping others do. Because we seriously don’t want anyone to go through what we went through. 

And we’re on a mission to give agency owners and freelancers more time, less stress and a better work/life balance.